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I'm a small operation. One man, two hands, and a few tools. I work in a single-car garage on a salvaged workbench. I'm learning as I go, and what I lack in experience I make up for in soul and a genuine desire to do the right thing, make the best product I can, and make people happy they stumbled on my brand.  I have a full-time career in the construction industry, an amazing wife and we recently had our first child. I'm a happy man.


My products are all made by me, by hand in Seattle, Washington. All of my products are guaranteed to last a lifetime, and crafted with the intention of becoming an heirloom. I'm not inventing anything new here, just trying to continue a very long history of good craftspeople making great leather products. Most of my items are based in function, while others are purely aesthetic. Trying to blend solid technique with a mix of aesthetics and trends, my brand is not any one thing- I make what interests me at the time and enjoy trying new things.


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